Find the Morels


Found them yet? I’ll give a hint: bottom center and mid center, there are at least 6 shrooms in the photo.

Well, I missed this crop in the hedgerow along the west fence line. Can’t find em’ all, but I was a little sad to see such yummy bounty come and go so quick! The morels bloom on there own terms, and my hypothesis is cardboard assists in bringing in the spores, which then inoculate the ground as the woody pulp breaks down. This is only a theory, and not all the cardboard brings morels. I do know that morels love cottonwoods, and cottonwoods are often used in wood pulp for paper making. I’ll maintain that cardboard has endless uses in growing things, from mulching to mushroom spores, this material is wonderful. My dream is that one day, all cardboard boxes are held together with biodegradable tape [(thank you<-I don’t have an account, but many other people do], rather than the cellophane tape often used to this day.

We’ll keep an eye out for more morels and other shrooms at Leafhopper Farm!


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