Forest Stewardship and Connection

EEC Forest Stewardship is committed to offering collective learning through shared experience in land stewardship. If you are interested in being part of the learning on site, or seek forest stewardship and/or small scale agricultural systems consulting, please email for more information.

Our land also hosts Women Owning Woodlands workshop meet ups once a month. To connect with us through this organization, join the mailing list for class updates.

In King County, our local forest stewardship program is very active. This site will also help people who do not already have land to steward, contribute to stewardship of other forests in the area.

King County Forest Stewardship

If you are a land owner wishing to put your land in a forest stewardship plan, or want to learn more about that program in King County, visit the government website.

Forest Stewardship Planning

For more information on forest stewardship project funding in King County, visit King Conservation District. Here you will find out more about options for planning your forest restoration too.


WOODLANDERS – a wonderful series of excellent forest ethnobotany cinematography

How Trees Talk – Suzanne Simard, forester who discovered chemical communication in forests

Tom Wessels: Self-organization, Co-evolution, Resiliency, and Stability – sums up EEC Forest Stewardship ecological restoration and why

Ravencroft GardensEagleSong Gardener is a wise woman herbal enthusiasts and local to Puget Lowlands.

Reading List

How It Is – by V.F. Cordova, First Nations philosophy of people and place

Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering The Wisdom of The Forest – by Suzanne Simard, discoverer of the complex communication and networks between trees in a forest

The Wolf’s Tooth and The Carnivore Way – both by Cristina Eisenberg, apex carnivore biology and its critical role in ecological restoration

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture – by Sepp Holzer, established permaculture earthworks of an alpine forest in Austria

Farming The Woods – by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel, temperate forest permaculture

Restoration Agriculture – by Mark Shepard, real-world permaculture for farmers