Leafhopper Farm LLC

The farm produces pasture raised layer hens. Our flock consists of mostly Ayam Cemani chickens, originally from Java. These all black chickens lay cream colored eggs, and produce rich dark meat. We are currently building up genetic stock that are more duel purpose. They are very charismatic animals with a lot of charm. In Indonesia, these mysterious dark fowl were known to be close friends with Death. Villagers would keep a cockerel in the front yard as a ward against the mysterious life taker. If Morte came to call, the bird would fast talk his friend into distraction, thus avoiding death in the house.

Leafhopper Farm will continue to raise pastured eggs, which are sold locally direct to customers. The Farm’s livestock business recently expand into lamb production in 2020. Our chosen breed of sheep is Katahdin, a hardy, hair sheep breed from Maine. These meat sheep will be pasture raised; helping to keep our land clear of blackberry, while producing numerous lambs. The animals are sold on the hoof- meaning you have to buy the sheep live. Then, we can butcher and wrap for you, and you are invited to participate in the processing. Contact Liz Crain escocrain@gmail.com for more information.

Sheep in rough shed

For many years, Leafhopper Farm has raised meat goats, which cleared massive bramble, and opened up the landscape for replanting. This stewardship practice is now shifting as we go from goats, which are like an abrasive scouring pad for the land, to sheep, which maintain a manicured tending of specific pasture spaces with much more limited access to the forest, where most of our restoration work happens. All our stock is contained and rotated using electric mesh netting in a very successful holistic grazing management plan.