Queen of The Rock

Today the kids enjoyed one of their favorite games- “Top of the Rock”. Gwern is still a little larger than his younger siblings, Proctor and Gamble, but today, Gamble, our only female kid, took possession of the rock and held fast! It was great fun watching her push around both her brothers, claiming the top spot again and again with confidence. Even Gwern is held off in a head to head moment. Here’s to kidding around!


Gamble is also often leading the crew of three from place to place, and it’s showing in her confidence to stand and watch people walking by, instead of running away. She’s looking calm and collected, like her mother, lead doe Brownie. What makes a lead doe? The compelling wisdom which sways the rest of the herd to follow her. Brownie knows where to find the best brows and when to move to another good eating spot. She’s the first to spot a dog, then turns to stand facing it, stepping to the front of the herd in her protective posture to face any threat. Some might wonder where the buck is in all this, well, he’s most likely too busy putting his nose up a does butt to check if she’s in heat. Though he can be protective of the herd, most bucks are not the goat everyone wants to follow. indeed, it is a doe who will lead the herd, and her instinct the others trust. I hope that Gamble grows up to be just like her mother.

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