Morel Moment


I’ve been away from the farm for a writing workshop, and returned to find a beautiful gift in the front garden. This spring, a single morel fruited for Leafhopper Farm. It’s the third year in a row we’ve had surprise morel action in the cultivated garden space. The personal excitement I get out of this wonderful site is endless. I never expect them, but some how, they arrive, even if it’s only a solitary bloom. On a bed of fresh dandelion flowers, I feast! It’s nettle, dandelion, and a mix of winter garden greens in a spring diet. Gratitude for such a gift from the land, and the ability to share it with another who has never enjoyed this fruit of the soil before.

Published by EEC Forest Stewardship

holistic restoration forest establishing organic practices and land stewardship in the foothills of The Cascades

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