Cemani Chicks

This is the 3rd generation of Ayam Cemani chicks from Leafhopper Farm. All ten chicks are developing nicely, and there are some fine looking hens in the bunch, along with a few cockerels. We’ll attempt capon action (rooster castration) soon, if timing is right. They have to be operated on while young, and these guys are at the right age. The technique will be challenging, but I’ve handled a lot of birds and want to make it easier to integrate the whole flock without the need for so many separate pens. Because this idea involves surgery, my thoughts are, this is too “high maintenance”, but the idea that hatched chicks are 50/50 male/female ratio, it could offer a lot of production worthy meat into our poultry system.


I’m always fascinated by the barred rooster which shows up. Each batch of chicks has had at least one. In this flock, there is also a silver colored hen. I look forward to seeing what she turns into as her mature feathers come in. These chicks have moved into an outside pen, just in time for the warmer weather. They are growing up fast, and will soon be moved in with the rest of the adult flock, bringing our laying hen number back towards 40.

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