YouTube Launch

Yes, we’re back on YouTube with a new channel contributing rich content for education and documentation at EEC Forest Stewardship. Our focus on holistic living in Western Washington will continue to feature experiential learning journeys in restoration and relationship with place, focusing on human tended ecology for multi generational wonderment. This landscape is vast and global, yet our efforts will take place on a very small patch of about 10 acres, with cultivation, including rotational grazing animal systems, and restoration agriculture techniques. Efforts in long term wildlife conservation through habitat restoration will direct the stewardship practices implemented in holistic cultivation throughout the landscape, and into neighboring properties, for the benefit of all within the greater ecology of our region. We hope to inspire through experience and story telling, reflecting in all aspects of this adventure in rewilding. Thank you for your interest, reflections, problem solving, surviving, and rejoicing. Gratitude for sharing in the learning, supportive suggestions, celebratory outcomes, and the wisdom of experience. As we head towards our 10th year in circulation, we hope that some of our philosophy, and the growth of our plantings, begin to take shape in a narrative that’s clear, and fun to engage.

Our New Chanel is HERE

Our blog spot here at EEC Forest Stewardship, hosted by WordPress, will continue with more detailed reflections and philosophy. We hope to focus more on the direct reflections of our readers- to better focus on helpful content, specifically learning experiences. As we begin this new chapter in sharing through social media, its also important to recognize how privileged we are to be capable of sharing this reflection and gain insight through the community response. Thanks to The People and The Land- who are one and the same.

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