Lumber From Our Trees

EEC Forest Stewardship finally got its lumber back from the mill! Our local miller, Duane, took care of our red cedar logs after the cutting last year. A stand of compromised trees over the chicken coop and barn had to come down before we plan and build any new structures nearby. The crew that took down each large standing pillar of timber were masters of the saw, and all was done efficiently, but most importantly, safely.

The final product of all this hard work is a pile of neatly stacked lumber in the pole barn, making the whole place smell heavenly! We could store all the wool sweaters and fur coats you want! But ultimately this fabulous natural material will support the frame of some kind of structure. Originally we had planned a shed, but this material is so special, and unique, from the land, that we want to make sure it’s featured in special new building. What will that building be?

We’re renewing the master plan for this property (a good thing to do every 5-7 years or so). With help from a few architect friends who specialize in unique, alternative property development, we’re looking ahead at how the infrastructure of EEC Forest Stewardship will continue to cultivate community learning, and living. Certain amenities are in high demand, so we’re looking at how to better accommodate our growing classes, and spaces for the people who live here full time.

Another big design to come will be a barn, or something like it to house our flocks of livestock, mainly chickens and sheep. The two animal systems will continue to keep vegetation in check, and feed us eggs and meat through the year. This building should be multipurpose, and not too big. We hope to combine the feed shed, coop, and stalls into one building. Right now it’s a collection of hodgepodge sheds, all leaning at odd angles. Maybe the cedar lumber package can be utilized in that structure. More to come here at EEC Forest Stewardship!

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