Puppy Play

Valentine is loving puppy time here at Leafhopper Farm! She’s picked out the creek as one of her favorite places to play, and thinks everything should go in her mouth, so we encourage a lot of toy time, and “fetch the stick”. She’s great with a game of tug-o-war, and has the mischievous bright blue eyes to make your heart melt. It’s sometimes hard to say “no”.

We had our first vet check and all was normal. Worm count is down because we recently dosed for it- a hard de-worming, but she’s also been enjoying a gourmet of animal dung on the land. We’re working on that, and sticks are becoming more interesting, so lots of fetch games ensue. “Valley” as we call her for short, has a passion for being outside and on the move, so keeping a close watch on her exploration has been challenging at times. I have been working with her on tethering outside, but I also love letting her run and tumble around, so there’s still a lot of free time.

Puppydom is grand, and she’s a bonnie dog for it. We’ve also been getting introduced to livestock work, though very informal, around the pasture king of work. Valentine is learning to calmly move around the animals, and when to rev up and nip heel to get a move on. She’s also playing in shallow water, though not all out swimming yet. We start puppy class this Sunday. so it will be a lot of fun starting a more structured routine of learning. I think Valley is going to rock puppy school, and I hope, as her personality comes through, that she continues to be a unique animal here at the farm.

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