The First Days

Valentine came home to Leafhopper Farm yesterday, and she’s such a joy. The puppy challenges are real, with sleepless nights and some pee spots here and there, but so far, no poop in the house- yay! She’s such a fast learner (typical of an Aussie) and I’m so proud to call her mine. Val is quick to know her name, come, and stay out of the kitchen. She’s having a lot of fun with her new toys, and loves being outside.

Her first adventure after leaving home was a walk along a causeway by the inland coast, and she paused to hear new sounds and smells everywhere we explored. After only a few hundred feet she was pooped out, and got carried the rest of the way back to the truck. Her smarts are so incredible, she knows to stick with me, stay in the truck when I open the door, and tell me when it’s time to go outside for a potty break.

The hardest night is always the first away from mom and litter mates, and it was a time of little sleep for me, but lots of great training in going outside to pee and poop, all of which happened in the yard and not the kennel. There’s still a lot of anxiety in this little pup about leaving home, but I’ll move the kennel into the bedroom tonight and make sure she knows I’m right there by her side. Kennel training is very important to setting good boundaries with a new puppy, and keep your house from getting torn up. It also gives the dog a safe place to be in the home, like a den.

Valentine is already going in and out of the kennel on her own, and enjoying the adventure that is the farm. This morning she was introduced to sheep, goats, and chickens. The cats are curious, though still keeping a safe distance, and Val is not chasing them, yay! Lucia, who is very pregnant, will have nothing of the pup, and gave her a swipe last night to teach polite distance. Vale (Val-ee) yelped away, but understood to give that black momma cat space. More animal learning to come I’m sure, but the pup is doing great.

Puppy-hood is short lived, so I’m really enjoying her small form and sweet sleepy afternoon nod offs. She’s most happy by my side, and I might be sleeping next to the kennel on the floor for a few days so we can both get some much needed sleep. Whatever it takes to make this pups transition into my home and the farm easier. She’s a bundle of joy and will be a great companion for years to come. Welcome Valentine to Leafhopper Farm!

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