Cat Update


Muir and Lucia are thriving, and the two kittens- Nickie and Nora (both female)- are growing up fast. I think momma cat is pregnant again (for the last time) and we’ll be knee deep in kittens again in another month or so if this is the case.

The potato crop was great this year, and most of the starts I planted in the gardens this year came through to harvest, so I will tip my hat to the cats, especially Muir, for keeping voles and rabbits away from our high maintenance food crops.

Mice are scarce, though still showing up in the more removed buildings at the farm. Our grain room is rodent free, and the main house is not hosting any unwanted pests so again, the cat presence is making a notable difference, but still, rats persist.

A new hen house will be the best solution, with elevated main coop off the ground so rats won’t move in underneath. The old coop should be torn down, or at least totally gutted for renovation, but only after the new coop is built. Since the cat’s can’t build the coop, I have a fall mission. Let’s see if we can pair the build with hunting season.

The new kittens will be adopted out to good homes, a few are already spoken for. The two kittens now on farm already have appointments for a vet visit to prevent future unwanted offspring. Lucia will be spayed after her second litter. We’ll continue to enjoy our feline friends here at Leafhopper Farm.

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