Duck Departure


Ducks have played a role at Leafhopper Farm on a few occasions now, but our most recent flock of Kaki Campbells is departing to another nearby permaculture farm for good. Though the ducks have burdened our pond with nitrogen, causing an algae bloom, it was not the cause of their leaving. Instead, it was the acknowledgement that the electric mesh rotational system was not working, as the ducks were getting out constantly and going to the pond. Also, because I am traveling next month, there is no opportunity to solve the duck system quirks in the next week and when you hand off your farm to others in a temporary care situation, it’s best to have things simple and working.


The ducks could have ranged freely, with a night pen to go into, but the pond was still a draw, and even after we fenced it off, the ducks were still getting in. To protect the integrity of our water feature, and to make things easier for farm care while I’m away, the ducks had to go. Luckily, the farm taking our ducks on short notice, special shout out to Alexia of Hawthorn Farm, has said I can have some eggs to incubate any time. Reacquiring livestock is not hard, and the flex to have and have not is important to accept from time to time. If ducks to return, it will have to be in a much more enclosed and controlled environment. Perhaps we will short fence our pond permanently, to encourage a boundary. Maybe the electric mesh just needs a little more tweaking, and maybe ducks are not meant to be on Leafhopper Farm.


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