Kittens Continue – for now


These little grey puff balls are slowly mutating into cat like formations at Leafhopper Farm. Lucia moved them under the woodpile to cooler locations after we had an 87 degree day. The new “den” is dark and cool, colder then I would like, but heaven to a momma cat with two kittens. We’ll be taking the whole pride in for vet check next Friday, and Muir will be castrated while Lucia gets her final blood work before her own surgery to spay in a few weeks.

The two kittens will be additional barn cats, and that’s the cat legacy of the farm. After a year of observation and continued debate over cats as part of our systems, they have done a good job with keeping mice out of the buildings, but rats continue to survive on the property, especially at the chicken coop. We’ll be building a new coop soon, which might help address the issue, but the cats have not kept up with rats, and I had to bait for them again as a result of a minor spring infestation. The cats have caught and killed rats, but I’ve only seen them with younger ones. The number of adult rats on site speaks for it’s self. We’ll double our cat numbers to 4, and skim down on feeding to stimulate appetite.

Muir had a young rabbit this morning, and I have not seen many bird feathers about. Robins even have nests in most of the usual places. Ground nesting birds are absent from the zone 1 areas of the farm, but there are many hedgerows being planted to supplement cover and create more habitat. The cats will be here for now, but no plans of continuing this species at Leafhopper Farm is slated for the future.

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