Bright Eyes


Kittens are opening their eyes at Leafhopper Farm! They are very light sensative, so the grain room will be ambient and safe. Lucia was getting very ancey about being in the house, and I was not enthusiastic about a cat box, so we settled on the space both she and Muir hung out as kittens. Now Lucia is out and about hunting again, while the kittens are stable enough now to spend some time alone. The queen is still getting three meals a day and unlimited dry kibble. The kittens are putting on milk fat at an astounding rate!


It’s amazing to me how underdeveloped these small predators are when they come into the world. Deaf and blind, the kittens are still moving around in response to a need for milk, and the queen was in the bed or within a few feet of it for the first two weeks. The kittens cannot regulate their body temperature for the first few weeks either. Now the kittens are self-regulating, and the outside temperatures are warm enough. Though the new babes are through the toughest part of early survival, much could stand in the way of their survival. We’ll keep feeding and encouraging as the kittens come along. Soon they will have sight, and with that, the important socializing with people to bond domesticity into otherwise feral animals.


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