Babies Galore!


Guess who just became a new mom at Leafhopper Farm? That’s right! Lucia gave birth to two kittens last night and there’s no doubt who the father is. Muir is lazing on the porch with no clue. Meanwhile, tiny rat like kittens are mewing and nursing in their first full day of activity in this world. Lucia is a little upset about being kept in the bathroom, but she’s getting unlimited canned organic fish in olive oil. Yummy!


These are the first kittens I’ve ever known from birth, and they will be welcome additions to our rodent removal program. This will be Lucia’s only litter, and we’ll be fixing both her and Muir in the next few months. I wanted to let her breed once in a full life cycle experience, also having a few extra awesome mousers is great for the farm. These kittens are so vulnerable, yet destine to grow up into unparalleled predatory powerhouses.

In other news, ducklings!


20 baby Khaki Campbell ducklings arrived from the hatchery early this morning. I lost sleep over how to set up their pen, then got up at 6am and threw it together like a pro. It always amazes me how smoothly habitat construction happens once things are down to the wire. These little birds are a pleasure to sit with, and offer lots of feel good energy as spring moves into full force.

There’s a never ending list of “to do” here, but the baby animals make everything so much more fun! I’ll be learning a lot in the coming weeks as ducklings in substantial numbers settle onto the farm in a good grazing rotation while kittens will eventually open their eyes and turn into wild and woolly balls of fluff. Tune in for future cute pictures and funny videos of the livestock at Leafhopper Farm.

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