Zombie Deer!

Did I mention there’s a lot of back-stock trail-cam footage? The vegetation has sprung forth, covering the once limp hanging vines of blackberries are now shooting out buds in preparation for the growing season here at Leafhopper Farm. Ungulates all over the place are feasting on the young growth, and this veracious herbivore in the footage above shows the almost panicked browsing on the fence line where this camera was placed. There were almost ten similar moments captured by two different does on the land.

You can see the trailing blackberry leaves in this doe’s mouth as she browses along, compelled by hunger and the onset of new growth. These does are also most likely pregnant, working to put on the weight to develop their fawns. My goat does act much the same way. This year, my goats kidded a little early; usually, they drop in April or May. The black-tail deer drop fawns from May through June. It is understandable why they are feasting with such appetite right now.

And now for something completely different…

Who do you think this is?

You’ll miss it if you blink at the very beginning of the film. I control the film with my mouse to study the movement and eyes. Theories abound! I’ll tell you one thing; it’s not a deer!

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