Goat Herd

Branwen and her kid Gwern

The sun came out for a day and so did our goat herd for the first time since the new birth of our first kid in 2018. Branwen was reluctant to move too far from the barn, but Gwern was excited to enjoy his first pasture adventure. He’s a soft as a peach and just as sweet!

Bran is maturing nicely into a well mannered weather (castrated) goat. Here you can see him playing with our Nigerian Dwarf ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) registered buck Brockstaro “Brock”. Bran will also be the herd protector, with a large set of sharp horns and the size to deter many would be predators. However, he is not a fail proof defense against predation, but a good initial deterrent.

Brownie is still holding on to her kids and not ready to give them up yet. She’s so big now, I hope it’s only twins! It’s great to see the herd together and acclimating so well. You have to be sensitive in reintroducing the does with their kids. Often times, the young males will be over excited and want to play too rough with the newborns. In watching the video above, you get an idea of adult goats at play. The picture below beautifully shows the herd at peace in the sun, enjoying supple spring grasses on a lazy afternoon.


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