Cats At Play

The cats are alert and playful at Leafhopper Farm. They’ve been cleaning up our vermin issues and establishing a strong territory to prevent future infestations. These furry friends are such a pleasure, bringing a whimsical style to the farm and socializing like butterflies with the entire community. Though they are cute, these cats are predator extraordinaire, and our resident bird populations are learning that the gardens and ground are not always safe to hang out in. Even the rabbits are learning to stay back, as Muir caught his first bunny a few weeks ago. Lucia specializes in voles.

The birds are not often caught now, as they have learned that the cats are here to stay. Lucia did catch an alligator lizard earlier this month during the warm spell, but I took it away and let her know that was not an appropriate snack. I do the same with birds, though they have not had many (only 3 that I’ve found the feathers of). As things warm up, their prey list will expand, but I hope that through diligent training, the cats will get the message on what to hunt and what to leave alone. It is possible to train a cat.

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