A Listed Farm!


That’s right! Leafhopper Farm is listed in our local Sno-Valley Tilth Directory. It’s great to see the farm information out and about in full color. My little blurb reads well and sums up what we do here. What a wonderful chance to share with the community!


I will say that Leafhopper is on word and we do also have farm sales (not shown in our symbols at the base of the description). On the map “farm” is left out of our name, but it’s a free service for our membership in the tilth community so I’m thrilled with the advertising.

The map below shows a small part of the agricultural activity going on in The Snoqualmie Valley. Our tilth organization focuses on organic and sustainable farming, so that’s what’s represented on this map. #13 is right under the “ll” in Duvall. I’m happy to be located out of the flood plane (shaded in blue). It’s also nice to see other farms springing up beyond the fertile bottom land of our valley.


What is tilth? Well, it’s the rich soil that’s ready to plant.  Sno-Valley Tilth is a community non-profit which works for organic farmers in The Snoqualmie Valley. Tilth organizations are found all over the country, and most work to educate, advertise, market, and advise local farms in their area. They are farmer run, to make sure those that know are directing, and I highly suggest that if you love local food, even if your not a producer, join your local tilth organization. We have monthly meetings on topis ranging from weed and pest control to county regulations and legal aid. Special guest speakers educate us on the latest resources, laws, and even what’s happening internationally with farming.

Brownie, Bran, and Branwin grace the back cover

You do not have to live in a rural place to be part of a tilth community. Seattle has its own Tilth Aliance, a big organization which works with urban farmers and city food production with the same enthusiasm as our own Sno-Valley Tilth. If there is not a tilth organization near you, ask a local farmer if they have a support network, if they say “no”, maybe it’s time to start one. This is how small farms are thriving in a commercial industrialized world. That industry is not conducive to sustainable food growing and the fertility of the soil. If we do not move away from big agriculture, we’re going to loos our land, farms, and communities. Healthy fresh food does not have to be a luxury item if the farmers growing it are receiving a living wage and supported to be organic, small, and sustainable.

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