Year One

chop wood, carry water
chop wood, carry water

Officially, this blog will begin on July 31st. This is the landmark date of when the owner took charge of the land and created Leafhopper Farm. Hello, my name is Liz, and I am the current owner and operator of the farm. My vision steers this ship. There are other strong people helping to carve out this place, but they will evolve over time, as all things do. For now, it is me, my dog, and a few other two and four legged beings working this beautiful place for the sake of remembering. What does it take to make a place home? How do you define home? What about community? How are things connected and what does it mean to own land? What do we do with our dreams once reality comes crashing down? We reassess and open new doors of opportunity. We strive to live each day fully, being true to ourselves and this place. Place, a belonging we all long for in this life. Truly, people are nothing without place. (think of the recent Hobbit films) ((or not)) The point is, being connected. Tune in, sit with it, grow. This is the mantra of Leafhopper. We hope you appreciate this little adventure into cultivation of people, place, and being. 

2 thoughts on “Year One”

  1. Liz – it looks like an amazing adventure. My daughter, Hannah, and I are very interested in building a cob structure up here on the olympic peninsula and farming on a small, sustainable level. We are newbies with minimal experience and hearts full of dreams. We too, would like our visions to steer our ship. I am curious where you are located in WA. I am delighted to see your blog on here and look forward to sharing your experiences in, even, a small way. Thank you,
    Margo Matson – Port Angeles, WA


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