Dogs, Kittens, and Chicks!

Well, the cuteness continues here at Leafhopper Farm!


Our two kittens, Muir and Lucia are playing all day in the tall grass and fun jungle gym of logs around the farm. Indo watches with interest from her sunny spot and wonders what these high energy balls of fluff are up to.  The Dog is feeling a lot better on new meds to help with her cancer, but the comfort will be short lived. She has a little bit of extended life on these medications, but after a few more months, the Lymphoma will act fast. I am hoping she makes it to August when I’ll be home and settled to be there with her in her final days.


In the mean time, she’s enjoying a retirement like no other, with kitten friends, all the wet canned food she can eat, and warm sun to bask in. She also gets regular treats of chicken sausage, venison, and occasional cheese treats. Since we’re not too worried about keeping her figure slim (the cancer and meds eat at her muscles) she’s as far from a diet as rich meat and dairy can afford.

The brooding hen who was sitting on 6 eggs finally hatched her clutch. One young chick did not make it fully out of the egg and so only 5 healthy chicks made it. These little peepers are sweet babes, already out and scratching around under the watchful guidance of mamma hen. These chicks are the third clutch this year on Leafhopper Farm, bringing our flock number to 35.


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