Oh Asparagus!


That’s it folks, the asparagus this year consists of one lonely stalk. It’s so sad, but hey, there’s something! I was worried the crowns had died. With one, there could be more, and I’m going to let this guy thrive as long as he can (if it’s a male). Females make red berries and more asparagus. You can purchase sterile male seeds, avoiding the female berries, which will eventually demand thinning for the bed’s long term production. I’m thankful for this one little stalk, and hope it’s a female that will make more berries to grow more asparagus.

This vegetable has a special place in my heart, because my Maternal Grandfather grew them in his garden and I have fond memories of harvesting the young stalks with him as a child. I’ve wanted to establish this green delight since I moved in, and now, the cultivation begins!

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