New Arrivals

Cats are controversial, often decimating wild bird populations and terrorizing other small wildlife besides rodents. On a farm, they are hunting the rodents, and hopefully focused on that agenda. Leafhopper Farm has been trying to negotiate mice and rats with holistic remedies like D3, but the baits are not working and rats are especially challenging to evict so we’ve imported a pair of the most domestic predators humans ever conceived of…


Meet Lucia and Muir, our two new barn cats. They were born at Raven-croft farm where EagleSong Gardener, a wise woman herbalist, cultivates good hunting cats; most of whom are black with kinked tails. Already, our black female, Lucia, is showing a lot of hunting characteristics; while her brother Muir, also a pouncing powerhouse, likes to take a nap in your lap when he’s not out stalking. The two are settling in at the house till they are large enough to go live in the grain room where they’ll have rodents to exterminate.

Muir shares a kiss while Lucia is no nonsense

Both Cats are very friendly and perfectly at ease with being handled. They can travel on my shoulders with ease. I’m enjoying the little fur balls and look forward to ousting the rodents from our stalls and coops.

The names came from one of my favorite old movies: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947). Lucia also mean’s light and Muir=sea. These two kittens have already stolen everyone’s heat at Leafhopper Farm.

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