Baked Pork Bliss

baked pork belly with salt and garlic

This is a slab of belly fat from Leafhopper Farm pasture raised pork fed organic grains and finished on fallen fruit in the orchard. Berkshire Pigs are known for marbled meat and rich flavor. In this slice of layered goodness, Bernard pressed LHF garlic into the meat and then covered the fat top with salt. During the baking process, the salt is scraped off and a final high temperature bake crisps the fat while imbuing the meat with salt for added flavor. In the sliced pieces, you can see the crispy layers of salted fat followed by layers of fresh white meat with garlic.

The meal was amazing, and I am so thankful to have a partner who really loved the cooking process. That’s very important to recognize in food production; I love growing the pigs and stewarding there relationship with the land. Looking up recipes for the pork and kitchen prep is not my passion, but sharing that time with someone I love who will eat the meat and savor the flavors is a great success. Others who bought in on the pigs have sent rave reviews as well and it’s good to know that these animals are still being celebrated for both their work on the farm and the nurturing they’ve extended us through their nutrition. This pork tastes fantastic!

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