Winter Light

The past few dawn and dusk moments at Leafhopper Farm have been quiet colorful. At this time of year, the skies can be grey and overcast, but last week, when the temperatures dropped again into the twenties and the ground froze, the skies cleared enough for beautiful cloud color. Here is an evening series with beloved evergreen silhouettes.


Blushing westward, lone red cedar watches

Sunlight’s ascending beauty, her setting glory

Into the arms of Olympic mastery

Fading blue sky holds each branch delicately upward

Angel fire when heaven and earth collide



From other slopes of this hillside, beyond the land of the farm, there are views of spectacular mountain vistas, from 14,000 ft. Mt. Rainier in the south, to the Olympics in the West, Cascades stretch north and south all the way across the entire state, dividing east and west, and Mt. Baker, another 14,000′ volcano to our north. This amazing topography creates the dense temperate rainforest habitat of Western Washington. As the sun sets each day, splendid colors erupt from the West, where light shines on across Pacific Ocean waters. It’s not always easy to get a view of such color, as our woods are thick evergreen masses, but when there is an opening, at the right time, you’re sure to see gorgeous views of a land like no other. I usually climb the red cedar in the second picture, it’s got a view worth climbing for.

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