Winter Wonderland

Well, it’s here, winter, and with a vengeance. We’ve had a pipe break, slippery roads, and animals who don’t want to leave the barn. I can’t blame them. But for Indo and I, it’s a play day, and we’re strapping in to our skis for the first runs of the season right here in the back yard!


The snow became wet and sticky very quickly as the temperature rose, but we still got in a few runs. It is such a beautiful landscape, especially in this white frock.


Indo and I really enjoyed taking runs on the farm. There was just enough snow to cover a path worth skiing. We got about two inches. Snow in this area of the foothills is less common, but does happen about once a year. The Cascades will be epic this weekend. I hope there’s more snow on the way for our peaks.


The snow became heavier as the day progressed; I later needed to knock snow off the green house and other hoop tunnel for the bulbs. If we get freezing rain tonight, the plastic will not be very happy.

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