LHF Chick Hatching

I’ve never witnessed this process so I thought I’d share it. This is an Americana x Ayam Cemani hybrid chick. She’s #7 of incubator hatched chicks this fall.

The incubator will go on hold after this clutch is done hatching. Raising chicks in winter is a challenge, and though there is space for a warm place, the thought of nursing chicks through the whole winter does not sound so fun. This next week we’ll see the rest of the eggs that made it to hatching out.  The fall focus is raising these new young ones to add to the flock . There are now 31 chickens at Leafhopper Farm. 30 was my goal for this year, and after the egg co-op meeting in mid October, I will have a better idea about numbers and egg expectations. For now, 3 dozen eggs a week is the farm’s limit. That’s small, but enough to pay for feed which is perfect! I figure by next spring, the farm can work on doubling to 60 birds with new coop facilities and some well separated flock spaces.

Ayam Cemani hybrids will be fun to develop, though the hope to sell designer birds is a little far fetched. I’ll continue to appreciate the learning process associated with incubating, brooding, and raising chickens through the entire lifecycle. I won’t have to buy chicks again! Though for the sake of diversity in flock health, there might be some fun exchanging with other breeders to be had!


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