Flourishing Flocks


The hens of Leafhopper Farm meet and greet with the Ayam Cemani roosters. Alexander, a LHF original rooster which has been with the flock since 2015 has been pulled out of the flock, along with his favorite hen, to make room for the new roosters. He’s still crowing away on the farm, just in a smaller coop with his hen who continues her egg laying in his company.


The hens are curious about their new gentlemen companions, and the cockerels are already learning how to charm their harem. There is a lot of new behavior in the flock, with older hens setting the new rules for the young roosters, while younger hens who are just beginning to lay, vey for status under the protection of numerous new social climbers.


For the next few weeks these birds will mix and flow into their new sub-flocks (smaller groups of 3-5 birds with a rooster escort). Hopefully fertility coverage will go up as LHF preps to begin breeding and raising chicks. The hybrid offspring of the Ayam Cemanies mixed with pure hens of a variety of more traditional breeds will show fun new genetics with lots of potential.

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