Ayam Cemani

These famous black birds are maturing nicely here at Leafhopper Farm. The iridescent feathers and striking black combs of my roosters are charming, and the hen is modest but tough on her three companions when they try to get fresh.


So far there have been no eggs laid, but soon we’ll be transitioning the black beauties to the bigger coop and mixing everyone into one flock.


The heat is stressing all the animals right now, so no big changes this week. But after the cool off on Sunday, there will be wonderful shifting and consolidating of the chickens here at the farm to make everyones life a little easier.


Since our egg fertility rate with our current rooster is only about 50%, we’ll be taking Alexander out of the equation soon and presenting a fine set of Ayam Roosters to guard and cover the flock. Hopefully this will invite a new generation of wonderful hybrid birds, as well as pure Ayam Cemani chicks from our one hen pictured below.


Her three male counter parts will have a lot of hens to cover, and plenty of healthy competition as they settle in as our in house exotic casanovas. Stay tuned for the action and adventure that is Leafhopper Farm.


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