Bird Integration

The three Delaware chicks are grown enough to move into the adult coop. The hens reacted in a wide range from indifference to mild contempt. Our eldest bard rock hen, from the original flock, has taken lead in teaching the younger ladies a thing or two about boundaries, especially about the main feeding dish. The young heritage hens roost with the flock, though they stay on the lowest perch.


In the fall of 2016, the 5 remaining hens from our first year flock will be culled. Five new laying hens, including the 3 Delaware, along with one Buff Orpington and one Americana are adding color and breed diversity. Our resident rooster Alexander, will remain as flock guardian and breeding cockerel at Leafhopper Farm.


The five Ayam Cemani hens are to remain as a portable coop for the summer, with plans for a brooding house set up in the fall. The Sun Chair 1000 remains a great movable coop for the teenage chicks as they brows the grasslands and glean seed and bugs full of fresh nutrients from healthy organic soil.

Across the farm, two fast growing Berkshires are hard at work on a larger piece of pasture. Rooter and Till love Stinging Nettle and find a frolic under red cedars to be a grand thrill. These two active piggies are healthy and happy.

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