Big Pigs


The two Berkshire Gilts from Redfeather Farm are hard at work on the land. These pure muscle machines, Till and Rooter, are working the soil and frolicking gaily on Leafhopper Farm. Pigs are like mini tractors, pushing up the roots of lawn and brush, as their instincts  compel them to glean from the landscape. The pigs are noticeably dissuaded from blackberry, but they doe eventually brows off leaves and young stalk growth enough to hamper the tenacious briar. We’ll try them on goat grazed pasture later this summer to see if they’ll uproot blackberry that’s been heavily browsed.

For butchering this fall, we’re talking with a local pig farmer in the Duvall area about having a 2 day processing  workshop in September. It’s a mission to not only butcher, but also try some charcuterie skills, utilizing more of the pig, snout to tail. These fine porkers will top out at around 240 lbs each. That’s a lot of meat to store, even just hanging the carcasses will require artificial chilled air to keep the muscle and fat fresh. The farm is looking into the addition of a small walk in cooler, and would love to source some knowledgable construction labor to help with design and building. This new climate controlled environment will offer sanctuary to all the farm’s meat, fruit, and veggies. Added value storage will grant Leafhopper Farm the ability to move towards safe food handling code for future commercial sale of our agricultural products. It will also guarantee freshness and flavor that lasts.


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