Sun Chair 1000


Sun Chair 1000

The young chicks are old enough to be out foraging and that means portable coops are in high demand. A new chicken tractor has been in the works for a few seasons now and at last, the Sun Chair 1000 launches on its first tour here at Leafhopper Farm.

“chicken a la cart”

This is the first of two prototypes to be constructed as summer housing for 10 chicks, including the Ayam Cemanies. Not all 10 chicks will fit in one portable coop, so a second will be built to accommodate the flock as it grows. There is enough perching space for all 10 birds at this size, and plenty of land to roam, once the electric mesh netting is set up. Today, on this bright morning, the testing of this new coop design is underway.

feeding frenzy

The young ladies seem to be acclimating well enough in the big move. The Sun Chair 1000 offers light and easy handling while maintaining solid built shelter and sanctuary for the hens. Its superior layering of wire mesh frame and water proof sheeting for maximum protection from the elements and optimal ventilation. The Sun Chair 1000 rests on a black, wrought iron base that once improved the tan line and now hosts a chicken recline. Using a couple of fence scraps, heavy plastic dog food bags, and an old tarp, in one evening of weaving and knotting, this coop was constructed.

chilling at the water cooler

The drop down back provides a cage free experience once the ladies are accustom to their new home. Todays observations will focus on ease of use, bird comfort, and overall construction success (mainly based on whether or not the young hens remain comfortably captive). So far, the maneuverability of Sun Chair 1000 is fabulous! Though I would remove the water container before rendering the coop mobile. This coop is certainly NOT predator proof at this stage of design. The young hens will be located within eye sight of the house and guarded by our farm dog and the electric mesh at night.

drop back to release flock

Since there is a second chair, look for Sun Chair 2000, coming Summer 2016!


setup in field. chicks are still too small to be held in by the electric fence, but the coop holds the chicks well and will be ready for rotational pasture in the next few weeks.

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