pleacher update

A quick look at new growth on the cherries that were lay down last winter, early 2016. This fence line is just south of the pond, and the boundary between the upper zones of the farm and the woodland of Leafhopper. Though a few of the upper branches of one cherry did not survive, this tree is still leafing out, and more importantly, sprouting countless new suckers along the trunk to reach upward in the new vertical growing direction.

blooming cherry branch

There are 5 pleaches on one tree in the photo below. All of the branches are alive, and new growth is sprouting from all the hinged bases. This is how you grow a living fence. It will also make harvesting the fruit easier.

new shoots at the pleacher base



This picture really shows how suckers are activating along the lower trunk of this heavily pleached cherry tree. All this new vertical growth will define a new, natural fence line, edge space, and abundant habitat.


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