Berkshire Gilts

Our pigs are here! These two gilts came to us today from Redfeather Farm up the street. It’s been a dream to finally be ready for these big diggers, and woe the blackberry root which stands in their way.

For the first few weeks these young ones will be recovering from weening and separation. They will stay in this quiet enclosure to ensure peace and quiet. They are grunting back and forth in a sort of companion calling right now. Just this afternoon they began pushing up the ground with their noses, the art which makes them so important here on the farm.

new faces on the farm

Pigs are very sensitive, like most animals, compared to us humans. They are constantly listening, smelling, and watching. It’s going to take time for these little piggies to get used to the newness of everything and every one around them. Luckily, they are hardy and adaptable. Already kicking back in the straw after finding plenty of food and water.

ladies are settled in

The self feeder allows for 24 hr. eating. A new water nipple coated in peanut butter has yet to be fully discovered, so a water trough is still available till the new amenities are learned. Pigs watch momma to get the gist of things, so I’m spending a lot of time affirming my leadership and knowledge of what’s good to eat. Dog treats are helping, along with patience and the time of sitting with the pigs.

Though their droppings are very stinky, the organic straw bedding is working well as an absorber, and the dirt floor allows for the instinctive rooting around that the pigs should be doing naturally. We’ll see how long till these bright ladies start to dig out of their new digs.

learning to use the self feeder

Leafhopper Farm has planned a hog butchering class for September. We’re in dialogue with Farmstead Meatsmith about a butchering workshop with their professional guidance, as these pigs are going to be a HUGE processing job with a lot of learning come fall. Farmstead Meatsmith is a local butchering company which will come to your farm to offer a small class on the entire art of butchering and curing your pork. Leafhopper Farm will keep you posted on this class in the coming months. In the mean time, the land is putting her growth energy into these little porkers till fall.

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