Hoop House 2.0

The original hoop house attempt held through the summer, offering wonderful warm, dry climate under plastic. However, the design was very temporary, with no proper framing, causing some listing as the summer heat dragged out into late fall. Then November winds, 70mph gale force, which is rare for PNW, motivated me to break down my original design to salvage materials, like the expensive greenhouse plastic, for the 2016 planting season. At last, with some great help, the newly rebuilt version 2.0 stands, solid against any wind (crossing fingers).


This upgraded palatial planting place now sports a solid wood frame, complete with hinged door for easy access to your plants. The location of the hoop house is central to all other planted beds in zones 1 and 2. There is access to water from a nearby spigot, and excellent southern exposure to any and all sunlight throughout the year.


The hoop house is an anchoring point for plant production at Leafhopper Farm. We now have a place to grow through 4 seasons, and a place to house our young, vulnerable starts. It will mean more lessons in pest management, along with proper ventilation to prevent mold. These details will be worked out through more experimentation, and there will be more hoop houses to come. In the future, a more permanent greenhouse will go up. In the mean time, experimentation in portable structures continues.


Great lessons that came out of the first hoop house, which are now being implemented in version 2.0 include:

-wooden frame, the PVC must have a structure to anchor against and be braced from

-2 anchor points for the hoops at base, a steak in the ground and bracket to the frame base doubles your hold

-wall rib on one side for support, wind makes a tall structure floppy, ribs keep the flop in check

-a door, because hauling plastic up and down over an insecure PVC skeleton gets tedious

-corner bracing, because squares turn into rhombuses when stressed by structural weight

-carriage bolts, PVC needs to be predrilled anyway, also, flat head wont tear plastic sheet

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