This active video is a glimpse into the world of our resident bobcat. He or she is on the prowl and rather perturbed in this sequence. I’d like to think it’s Indo’s barking that’s distracting the cat. Keep watching the footage, as there is a second appearance of the bobcat. Watch that tail action!

There are also a lot of rabbit in this area (most of the 50 videos captured in this spot over a three week period). The other big hit on the cam was thrush activity. However, this film of the cat (one of two in a week) shows that serious predator activity is happening less than 200 feet from the house. That’s cool! Also means we’ll be extra smart in our portable coop designs and weary about leaving goats out, even near the house.

If you own land and don’t yet have a trail cam out, here’s some motivation. There are very cool things happening where you least expect it!

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