New Goat

Antigone has come to live at Leafhopper Farm! She arrives after a buddy goat at another home finally died a peaceful death of old age. Since goats are social, her previous owner and I had planned her introduction after the expected passing of her old friend. There will be a time of acclimation, but Antigone happily leapt into the back of the truck to come down the hill, and seems to be more at ease now with new companions, though they are not so excited about her as of yet.
Rex has not yet figured out there’s a new doe in the herd, but as soon as she’s in estrus, I’m sure he’ll perk up. Brownie put her horns out as soon as she sized up the new girl on the block. Antigone reacted well, backing up, but not turning away. Introductions started in the open back field, with Rex off lead and Brownie tethered. May Kid stayed out of the way, but sniffed curiously. IMG_4665.JPG
In the pen later, the goats were turned out together without tethers. Grain and hay were staged to allow eating and greeting without too much pressure. Antigone was aloof, not unexpected for a stranger in a strange land, but in time, she will settle. The hope is that this new goat will usher in dual purpose for meat and milk. Antigone is a Saanen mix, which invites a better dairy design into the herd. We’ll see!

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