Bathroom Glamor

It’s been a lot of learning, but the scrap together look really shows unique character at Leafhopper Farm. With limited experience in interior finishing, I’ve taken a hand at carving a bathroom space out of leftover materials from previous building projects. Using an air compressor and a most supportive small army of power tools, the vision begins to take shape.
Playful design invites engagement through mosaic, wood, tin, and painted textures inspired by nature. Framed in recycled lumber, this tree seems to blow gently in a breeze, perhaps suggesting the action of nature just beyond.
Tile continues; a large single panel shows themes of water and soil with a subtle labyrinth along blue veins of liquid life. Once the grout is applied and a good scrubbing polish, the mosaic will shine aqua marine and shades of terra-cotta.
In finding each piece for every place, an enjoyable puzzle turned seemingly simple shapes into perfect fit.
There is still another mosaic labyrinth to design, furthering tile play in spacial leading. With limited space all around, every corner must be utilized. Sometimes, materials lead; a few shelves appear, simple repurposing with little effort in reshaping.
Again, tile comes as a detail, anchoring the corner where several different wall materials collide. Order out of chaos, and beauty through creative process.

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