Leafhopper Farm of Abundant Life

We dug a pond last fall to create new aquatic habitat and an abundance of water for the land. We’re still working on full fruition of water, but there was certainly enough to provide the habitat for vulnerable indicator species like native salamanders and frogs. This collection is a snap shot from the pond, we had one bullfrog, but Steve hunted it successfully and no larger tadpoles have been spotted yet so we think we’ve prevented an invasive takeover. I’m so excited to see that even without a full pond, Leafhopper is still providing enough to support a growing population of beneficial species which adds to the growing diversity of the farm.

creepy crawlers now thriving on the land
creepy crawlers now thriving on the land

The pond still needs to seal, naturally, this will take a long time, we are choosing to start bentonite spot sealing, but there is no rush, the land is still settling into this new shape, water is learning new paths, in time; pond will be full and we’ll have a place to swim. In the mean time, pollywogs abound and there is enough, there is enough.

The land is teaching slowness, asking for time. It took thousands of millions of years for this place to be where it is now, my lifetime will see great change, the future is limitless, yet only so much can be done in one lifetime. The vision is strong, but it must be shared with clarity and understanding. The land is immortal, plan accordingly. How will your vision be carried after you fall? This farm is still in its infancy, yet part of the planning requires that farsightedness. From the top of the mountain there is quite a view, but we’re still climbing from the base, when do you truly reach the top? How often should you stop and look at how far you’ve come? The land seems to answer that in its own way. Right now it is revealing such strong abundance, there is so much.

The chickens have been great teachers. A hen began brooding in the nest box about a month ago so I marked five eggs and left them under her.

first born and raises babes from the farm
first born and raises babes from the farm

Here is the first gift from beneath her warm breast. It’s another first for the farm, this little chick is a milestone for us here. The hens feel good enough with their environment to raise a clutch. To me, this is the epitome of intact animal systems on the farm. If life happens, you’re doing something right.

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