9 new baby hens for egg production!


raising this brood in the living room this year because the shop is under construction. Highlight of new breeds include: Rhod Island Reds and Black Australorp.

New Baby goats are growing up fast, already grazing with the others and romping quite freely through the pastures. These little guys are both fine young wethers, but they will be keeping their horns for protection.


The Barbados Black-belly Ewes dropped their lambs, all boys! The electric fence is keeping everyone safe, but trail cam action shows a bobcat and coyotes are close.


Plant starts are shooting up. I found that a heating pad under the peppers and tomatoes does wonders for getting those seeds into fast growth. Researching greenhouses continues, I think it’s going to be easiest to build what we will need from scratch. Stay tuned!

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