Harvest and coyotes

2am waking, howls in the night signal the lurking danger. Head lamp and an excited dog come with me to the back pasture where I find, to my great relief, all 4 leggeds safe and sound, though stirred and ready to defend. We are all preset and accounted for. The electric fence is clicking with a healthy pop. Coyotes drift further away and I am glad for the light sleeping of a farmer’s nerves. May I never have to confront these sacred wild dog people. I honor the wild predators by reminding them of my place here, yet I understand that they were here first, their ancestors watched us cut down the trees, terrace the land, and domesticate the other beings for our own needs first. This is the truth they howl back at us in the night. What fools we are to think our ego above that of Mother Nature. Thanks to the earth for her safe keeping on this night.

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