Fruit harvest

The Asian pear tree has the juiciest fruit I’ve ever tasted. Usually I am not a fan of this particular hybrid like Apple/pear, but these little darlings are small, soft and very juicy. We’ve got so many on the tree its branches are breaking. The deer are also helping with this destruction. Too bad she’s a doe, otherwise my bow hunting housemate who happens to live right next to the tree would have had his tag filled on opening day.

The apple trees are ripe and heavy too. Three different kinds of delicious varieties offer crisp crunch, sweet baking, and fabulous flavor. We use orchard ladders with a wide base for harvesting. It makes it easier for those who fear elevated plains to feel somewhat more stable while reaching into lofty crowns where gems of offset magnificence hang in emerald splendor. To pluck treasure out of orchard, bringing home a harvest of juicy delight; this is homesteading magic.

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